Any further technical information about Dino ?
Yes, we are willing to provide related technical information about Hangzhou Dino Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. if requested. As for the basic information such as main materials, specifications, shapes, and main performance, you can easily find them on the product details displayed on our official website. Also, we have carefully-compiled technical documentation offered along with products. We can deliver it to you if you have the needs for it. Further technical information about what our products are made of and what properties they contain, please contact us.

Dino integrates liposuction cannulas and liposuction cannulas to promote and be applied into many industries. Dino focuses on providing a variety of Liposuction aspirator for customers. The cutting process is one of the important steps in manufacturing Dino liposuction cannulas. This process is focused on two things: the aesthetics and the reduction of wastage. The product can retain its flexibility, making it an optimal material choice for applications in extreme temperature environments.

Standing at the new era, our team will keep promises to clients with our exquisite service with firmer faith. Check it!
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