Are there any sequelae after back liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-20
Many women like to show their good figure in summer, but not everyone has a good figure to show off. Now, many beauties have tried many methods of back liposuction. So, are there any sequelae after back liposuction? Sequelae of back liposuction 1. Numbness after back liposuction: After surgery, the skin at the liposuction site will be slightly affected, and numbness and abnormal sensations such as occasional acupuncture, ant line, etc. will occur, usually 1-3 after surgery. gradually recovered over the months. 2. Wound infection after back liposuction: This is related to the fact that the negative pressure is not blocked when the suction tube enters and exits the incision, which aggravates the injury of the incision. In this case, it is necessary to use powerful antibiotics in time, and blood transfusion and infusion treatment should be given when the amount of liquid extracted reaches 2000-2500 ml. 3. Uneven back after back liposuction: There will be unevenness in the surgical area after surgery, which mainly depends on the doctor's technique. Mild unevenness is inevitable. Wear elastic corsets after surgery and massage properly for 1-3 It can be gradually flattened after a few months. If the severe unevenness cannot be recovered after 3-6 months after the operation, liposuction is required again. Precautions after back liposuction 1. Wear elastic tights or elastic bandages immediately after surgery, at least 3-6 months; 2. Good rest is required for about a week after surgery; 3. Some operations The dressing that the patient wears on the day of surgery will be soaked by exudate. At this time, the patient can put some absorbent articles on the local area, and the soaked dressing does not need to be replaced; 4. On the third day after the operation, the dressing can be removed; 5. Back If the skin at the liposuction operation site is dry, the patient can apply a skin care cream; 6. If there is unevenness in the skin folds, massage the affected area frequently, so that the muscles and skin after liposuction can be evenly smoothed, about half a year The skin will then be smooth. Reminder: here to remind the majority of beauty lovers, you must not just find a hospital for surgery, you must find a regular, professional large hospital for surgery to be reliable and guaranteed! Read: Is mandibular angle liposuction dangerous? Does mandibular angle liposuction affect health?
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