Are there any side effects of liposuction for thin arms?

by:Dino     2022-03-15

A large amount of fat has accumulated on the arms, which directly affects the appearance of everyone's body. In order to improve this situation, everyone hopes to improve it through liposuction to thin the arms. This is a very popular minimally invasive slimming technique at present, and it is reliable and reliable. , the effect is ideal without rebound. So, are there any side effects of liposuction to thin arms?

Are there any side effects of liposuction? Liposuction and arm thinning is a very common slimming surgery at present, and it has been developed quite maturely. Generally, formal medical beauty institutions are mainly selected, and most of them can obtain good slimming effect. If you choose improperly and operate improperly, you may encounter the following adverse conditions: 1. Skin ecchymosis: It is related to the shallow layer of fat suction or the bleeding caused by improper operation. Such as lateral suction will damage larger nerves and blood vessels, so must be standardized. If there is a darker blood-containing fat mixture in the suction, the suction direction of the suction tube should be changed or the suction should be suspended, and at the same time, the local pressure should be appropriately pressed for a period of time. 2. Infection of wound and liposuction area: mainly related to lax disinfection and untimely treatment of hematoma in the operation area. In addition to paying attention to the liposuction method, powerful antibiotics should be applied in time. When the amount of liposuction reaches 2000-2500 ml, blood transfusion and infusion should be given. 3. Skin necrosis and blood circulation disorder: both are related to skin trauma or superficial liposuction. Beauty seekers should prepare well before surgery to ensure good health. Doctors should strictly implement liposuction procedures. Generally, the depth of suction is within the skin. The next 2 cm or so is better. 4. Skin wrinkles and unevenness: It is related to uneven liposuction and loose skin. Doctors should strictly follow the liposuction operation procedures. Post-operative compression dressing and shaping will help smooth the skin. 5. Fat embolism: In addition to paying attention not to damage the large blood vessels during the operation, the liquefied fat that is not sucked out should also be pressed out after surgery, and effective pressure dressing should be performed, which can not only reduce pain, prevent bleeding, but also reduce residual free. The opportunity for fat particles to enter the blood vessels, thereby avoiding the occurrence of fat embolism. If you want to have a further understanding of liposuction and beauty, as well as the appointment of hospital liposuction experts, liposuction prices, and hospital information, you can call our national toll-free hotline at any time: 400-0922-882 Recommended reading: The reasons for the formation of thick arms are What are the advantages of arm liposuction?
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