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There are lots of ways available for you to make contact with Hangzhou Dino Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.. On our website, you might have a comprehensive understanding about the company, and you are able to make contact with our email, whatsapp, wechat or telephone call. Seen from the bottom of the website, there's a form that you can fill in. Please fill out your message, our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

Advanced technology and strong R&D capability help Dino become a leader in cannula kit industry. Dino focuses on providing a variety of Centrifuge for customers. The design of Dino micro cannulas manufacturer is the integrated knowledge of physics and electrochemistry. It is created using the knowledge of condensed matter physics, plasma physics, and activity coefficient of the electrolyte solution, ion strength, etc. The product has garnered increasing success and applications for its flexibility, especially in industrial fields such as the car manufacturing industry.

our team adheres to the development line of Accessory instruments, seizing the opportunities of the times. Get info!
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