How many people in Dino QC team?
Hangzhou Dino Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. has established its own QC team, which is composed of professionals. In the production process, we always pay attention to the quality of injection cannulas , attracting more and more customers to enjoy the higher performance and longer service time. As for our quality control team, all members are equipped with professional skills to ensure quality.

Dino differentiates ourselves from typical Snaplock manufactures by micro cannulas. Dino focuses on providing a variety of Regular Liposuction Cannula for customers. The packaging quality is important for Dino Nano Fat Grafting Cannula. Its packaging materials comply with EU packaging materials and waste directive for the battery. It is a user-friendly pool cleaning assistant. It is created complying the concepts of executing the stress-free operation and easy maneuverability.

our team believes that the principle will provide strong guarantees to better promote the advances of the company. Check now!
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