Is back liposuction long lasting?

by:Dino     2022-03-12
Every girl wants to have enough beauty, whether it is the front or the back, if the back is too fat, the whole front impression will be lost, and a sexy beautiful back can show the curvy beauty of women, and want to quickly get rid of back fat and fat , is not an easy task, and now with the help of back liposuction technology, it will all become much easier. So, is the effect of back liposuction very thorough and long-lasting? Let's ask Hangzhou Time Liposuction experts to give us a detailed introduction. The effect of back liposuction is very thorough and long-lasting: Back liposuction can accurately lock the fat area and suck it accurately. After doing back liposuction, you can see the effect immediately. Because the body's fat cells are sucked away, and the remaining fat cells have no ability to regenerate and expand, the effect of back liposuction is very thorough and lasting. The needle of the back liposuction machine is very small, and only small red spots like mosquito bites will be left after the operation, which usually disappears within a week without leaving scars. The process of doing back liposuction almost does not need to peel off the skin tissue structure, leaving no trauma to the body. Back liposuction can not only absorb back fat and achieve the ideal slimming effect in the minds of beauty lovers, but also stimulate the regeneration of collagen fibers in the deep layers of the skin, resulting in a firm and smooth skin. Four steps of back liposuction: 1. Physical examination. Check blood, electrocardiogram, liver function, and make sure the body is free of major diseases before surgery. Second, determine the back liposuction plan. According to each person's situation, draw a 'contour map line' on the back where fat needs to be removed, and determine the location and amount of liposuction. 3. Anesthesia. Anesthesia liquid and fat swelling liquid are injected into the back to relieve pain during back liposuction and facilitate better fat suction. Fourth, suction. Make a small incision of 1 cm on the part of the back that needs to be suctioned, insert a liposuction needle, and repeatedly and evenly suction the back fat.

Speaking of this, the above is the detailed introduction of Hangzhou Time's 'the effect of back liposuction is very thorough and lasting'. If you have any questions or where you want to consult, welcome to Hangzhou Time Time Liposuction, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Just for a more beautiful you tomorrow.

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