Is Dino a trading company or a factory?
Hangzhou Dino Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is a factory rather than a trading company that only purchases products from competitive manufacturers and export them to other countries or regions. Having obtained export licenses and certificates, we are now able to expand our export business to cover more countries. We are confident to make products that meet market demands and international standards. They are endowed with premium stability, long-lasting lifespan, and good usability. We also promise to offer some services like shipment and warranty, which may not be included in the service ranges of a trading company.

Are mass manufactured by Dino with low profit and high quality, thus welcomed in Accessory instruments market. Dino focuses on providing a variety of cannula kit for customers. Many factors affect the design of Dino liposuction cannulas, such as financial cost, intended use, size, color, setup effort, and weather conditions. It is more durable than I expected, and I could not find any damage even if used for a long time. - Said one of our customers.

Our goal of Accessory instruments is set to achieve common progress and development of we. Get an offer!
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