Is hip liposuction expensive?

by:Dino     2022-03-23
For sedentary urban white-collar workers, the abdomen and buttocks are the 'hardest hit areas' for fat accumulation. In order to effectively solve the problem of buttocks obesity, although many people know that they need to do more related exercises, if they are too lazy to do or Is the exercise effect is not good, buttocks liposuction is a very good choice. Buttocks liposuction surgery price 1. Own conditions. Generally speaking, the price of liposuction and thin buttocks is related to your own weight. If the female friend's own shaping conditions are good, the price may be less. If it is not good, the price will definitely be higher accordingly. 2. The shape of the buttocks. The shape sculpture of the buttocks is carried out through the liposuction of the buttocks. Different buttocks shape, the focus and method of liposuction and buttocks are different, and the cost of liposuction and buttocks weight loss will also be different. 3. Liposuction technique for thin buttocks. At present, the liposuction techniques used in different hospitals are different, and the price of safe and reliable superior techniques is higher. 4. Hospital. The cost of liposuction and butt reduction varies from hospital to hospital. However, experts remind everyone not to choose some small and informal hospitals for the sake of cheapness. Although the cost of liposuction and butt reduction will be more expensive, the effect of liposuction and butt reduction will be more secure in regular hospitals. 5. Doctor. The cost of liposuction and butt-loss slimming is different for different liposuction and slimming experts. Experienced doctors do better and safer, and the fee will be higher. Attention after buttock liposuction 1. Eat more vegetables within 14 days after the operation to prevent constipation and use antibiotics to prevent infection. 2. The sutures are usually removed every two weeks, and vigorous exercise is prohibited within one month after the operation, and an elastic bandage is used for compression and fixation for 4 months after the operation. 3. Pay attention to waterproofing before removing the stitches, and do not let the liposuction part touch water. 4. Small-scale liposuction generally does not affect work, and large-scale liposuction requires two to three days of rest. Generally, daily activities can be resumed after about two weeks. 5. In the initial stage of buttock liposuction, there will be swelling, blood stasis and soreness, which is normal. This is because a few small blood vessels will be destroyed during suction, and the bruises will gradually disappear. 6. After the buttocks liposuction to lose weight, the doctor will press the liposuction site to bandage, which is to stop bleeding and relieve pain. Therefore, without the permission of the doctor, do not untie the bandages to avoid complications such as hematoma and incision infection. Reminder: here to remind the majority of beauty lovers, you must not just find a hospital for surgery, you must find a regular, large hospital for surgery to be reliable and guaranteed! Recommended reading: Don't sit for a long time after hip liposuction! How soon can I exercise after liposuction?
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