Is lumbar ring surgery painful?

by:Dino     2022-03-07

The price of waist and abdomen liposuction. The waist and abdomen are the places where fat is easy to accumulate, and the level of accumulation is different for men and women. Men mainly accumulate fat in the abdominal cavity, while women accumulate subcutaneous fat. The thickness of the accumulated fat in each part is different, forming various Bad shape of waist and abdomen: the upper abdomen (below the chest and above the navel) and the lower abdomen (below the navel and above the pubic bone) extend to both sides at the same time, all the way to the back of the waist, forming different degrees of fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen, affecting the appearance.

In fact, the cost of liposuction cannula surgery is affected by many factors, such as the degree of obesity and the liposuction effect that needs to be achieved. The effect of liposuction is obvious at one time, but liposuction is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Everyone's physical condition is different, so you should consult a doctor first. Whole body liposuction pain ranking list The most painful places for liposuction, top1 is the thigh, top2 is the arm, liposuction cannula surgery is very painful for the limbs, I remember that my arms make me sleepless, and there is no way When I lifted it up, I smoked quite a lot. I have never worn clothes such as sleeveless suspenders before, so I have been very inferior since I was a child. Top 3 is the waist and abdomen ring suction, and the waist and abdomen ring suction is for many people. It is the soreness and excess pain, top4 is back, top5 is cheek liposuction and double chin liposuction. In fact, the face is not very painful, but a big problem with the face is that the numbness is very strong, mainly because there is a little swelling, and then there will be a little numbness. This is a big feeling. Ring suction effect 1. Greatly reduce the waist circumference: the fatter the person, the smaller the skeleton (commonly known as 'meat thickness'), the larger the size to be subtracted, generally 5-15 cm can be subtracted. 2. Forming a warped waist: By absorbing a large amount of fat from the side waist, the warped waist that women care about can be formed. 3. The abdomen becomes flat: the original bulging abdomen disappears, it feels flat, and some are even concave, which makes the chest more plump and forward. 4. Formation of buttocks: As the subcutaneous fat accumulated in the outer and upper area of u200bu200bthe buttocks is removed, the hemispherical shape of the upper buttocks is formed, which is commonly known as the buttocks. If you want to know more about lumbar-abdominal ring suction Liposuction Information: Is lumbar-abdominal ring suction generally easy to rebound? What is the effect of lumbar ring suction?
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