Is postpartum liposuction risky?

by:Dino     2022-03-10
At present, only liposuction weight loss surgery is a more effective and less rebounding method. Among the customers who implement liposuction weight loss surgery, they choose liposuction to lose weight because the general weight loss effect is not good or after they lose more and more weight. Strictly speaking, the name of 'liposuction to lose weight' is not very scientific, it should be called 'liposuction shaping' or 'liposuction body shaping' more scientific, because the purpose of liposuction cannula surgery is not simply to lose weight, but to shape . The general weight loss method only temporarily reduces the volume of fat cells. Once it stops, it will rebound immediately. However, the principle of liposuction and body sculpting is different from that of ordinary weight loss, so the results are also different.

Is postpartum liposuction risky? Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess subcutaneous fat through a small opening on the body surface (eye of a needle) using local anesthesia. Surface surgery has little effect on the whole body and does not involve important neurovascular and deep tissues, so it is very safe. A certain sedative is given before surgery, and long-acting analgesics are used during surgery, and the postoperative analgesic effect can be maintained for 24 to 72 hours. So it won't hurt. As long as you go to a regular liposuction hospital for liposuction, the risk can be minimized. Advantages of liposuction to lose weight Advantage 1: The curve is more beautiful, allowing the beauty seeker to re-realize the perfect curve, reaching the golden ratio coefficient of waist circumference / hip circumference u003d 0.7, and have a thinner and more beautiful waist than conventional liposuction.

Advantage 2: The technique of liposuction without leaving traces is very feasible. It can suck deep and superficial fat at the same time, and accurately control the suction volume of the liposuction site. During the liposuction process, the needle insertion site is hidden. A large area of u200bu200bliposuction can be achieved with one needle eye, making the weight loss process easier and leaving no traces after surgery.

Advantage 3: Smooth and smooth skin By reducing the number of deep fat cells, the subcutaneous elastic fibers shrink and reorganize, keeping the skin smooth, firm and elastic. Advantage 4: No rebound after surgery By reducing the number of fat cells, the slimming parts are perfectly sculpted, the fat recovery is complete after surgery, and the weight loss effect will not rebound for life. It is a safe and worry-free weight loss method for lazy people. The desire to be thin. Hope my answer can help you. Liposuction Information: How long does it take to recover after postpartum liposuction? How does postpartum liposuction work?
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