Side effects of liposuction to lose weight

by:Dino     2022-03-14
Liposuction and weight loss is the shortest way to lose weight and lose weight. The actual effect is twice the result with half the effort. Liposuction and weight loss can also be regarded as a small and medium-sized surgical treatment. It will cause inevitable damage to the human body in a short time. It is necessary to grasp the short-term damage and do a good job in medical care.

What side effects does liposuction bring to the body? 1. The body has almost no consciousness. After liposuction to lose weight, there will be no numbness in the surgical site, because the main nerve is in the muscle, and the fat is mainly nerves and peripheral blood vessels, because the peripheral nerves are destroyed during liposuction, resulting in numbness. The phenomenon usually returns to normal in about 6 months. 2. Body swelling Even if you choose a regular hospital for liposuction to lose weight, it is inevitable that you will experience body swelling. Because the lymphatic vessels, capillaries and small blood vessels are damaged during the operation, a large amount of lymph fluid and blood flow into the interstitial space, which is a normal reaction after the operation and can be repaired in about two weeks. 3. Body exudation After liposuction to lose weight, it will not only cause local swelling, but also exudate may occur, which is an unavoidable short-term harm. Liposuction is a traumatic operation that damages small blood vessels and capillaries, causing swelling fluid and blood to seep out. The fluid seepage usually stops within 24 hours. 4. Body pain If you choose a doctor with rich clinical experience and a regular hospital to do liposuction to lose weight, you can't avoid local pain even under standardized operation. Because the process of liposuction is traumatic, it will cause damage to nerve endings, and nerve recovery is very slow. Almost all people will experience a certain degree of pain after liposuction. Patients should strictly follow the doctor's instructions for injection. Pain relievers or oral pain relievers. 5. Uneven skin of the body After liposuction to lose weight, there will be uneven skin, which is mainly caused by the uneven thickness of the fat retained under the skin flap during the process of liposuction. Patients should choose shaping clothes in strict accordance with the doctor's instructions. They should wear them 24 hours before the operation for three months, and they will be able to return to normal after about 6 months. Liposuction Information: What problems should be paid attention to in liposuction to lose weight? What is the price of liposuction?
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