st. mary\'s cancels colonoscopies after theft of medical equipment

by:Dino     2021-08-12
Mary\'s Hospital was forced to cancel a colonoscopy for more than a dozen patients on Wednesday.
Medical equipment in the digestive department was stolen.
The theft came after the Montreal Gazette learned that the former security chief was concerned about the hospital\'s emergency.
Some guard measures are planned and trained.
Division of digestive medicine in hospital
Basement, there is an exit door near the parking lot.
Police investigators in Montreal searched the scene on Wednesday for clues.
\"Endoscope and colonoscopy equipment from St.
Mary Hospital Center, \"the health authorities of the island announced in a statement released late Thursday afternoon --
Hours after the Government Gazette began investigating the theft.
\"Due to this situation, 19 patients are scheduled to be held on Wednesday.
27 people, had to reschedule, 90 of them had an appointment by the end of next week.
The remaining ten per cent will be rescheduled soon. ”A highly-
Place source at St.
Mary said that former safety executives are increasingly concerned about the impact of restructuring security services on the safety of patients and staff, as well as the possibility of theft of medical equipment-
A known problem with hospitals in North America.
After his position was canceled, the manager was arranged to be responsible for the safety of all agencies in charge of the new supervisor
Created CIUSSS in West Island including St. Mary’s.
The security guard was transferred to St.
The source explained that Mary was from other agencies and the manager was concerned that the training level of some guards could not meet the standard.
\"He is concerned about the qualifications and emergency measures of security personnel,\" the source added, agreeing to an anonymous interview due to the sensitivity of the issue.
Since then, the manager has resigned from CIUSSS, West Island, located in PointeClaire.
Officials of the health authority of the island, including the executive director Benoit Morin, did not respond to repeated email inquiries in the Bulletin.
In the statement, officials defended the security situation in Santa Cruz. Mary’s.
\"Although CIUSSS officials have taken more security measures at CIUSSS, they declined to comment further\" in order to allow the authorities to investigate and avoid endangering the former
After the incident, the existing security measures and the security measures implemented throughout the facility. ”Another St.
Mary\'s source said medical equipment was stolen from another hospital last week.
The source is unable to specify whether another hospital is also managed by CIUSSS, West Island.
The theft of hospital medical equipment has been an ongoing problem in Canada and the United States.
In February, three people made a profit at $1. 2-
Medical equipment worth millions of dollars, including colonoscopy, Gastroscope, light
SOURCE machines and video processors at Toronto West Hospital.
More than a decade ago, some hospitals in Florida reported that thieves dressed up as hospital workers stole some lives and became their prey.
Save medical equipment.
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