What about the lead time of microcannula for dermal filler from placing a order to delivery?
This is reliant on the order quantity of microcannula and the production schedule of Hangzhou Dino Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.. We have the word that the processing of the order will be as quick as possible. This is done in order. Once the demand is high, the production line will reach its full potential. We have good control over every manufacturing process. It takes a certain amount of time.

Equipped with fine micro cannula and fine micro cannula, Dino have won the trust of most customers. Dino focuses on providing a variety of micro cannulas for customers. The electrolyte used in Dino nano cannula transfer is scrutinized. Any inferior electrolyte which easily volatilizes and leaks under high temperature is weeded out. Though the design of this product is quite simple, it makes a vast difference in the performance of many industrial and commercial problems.

our team strives to be recognized as a leading Micro Fat Grafting Cannula company respected by the public. Inquire!
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