What are the indications for buttocks liposuction? What is the effect of buttocks liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-19
Depending on the location of the buttocks deposition and the shape of the buttocks, it can be divided into the upper buttock type, where the fat is concentrated on the upper part of the buttocks and appears prominent; the buttock side type, the fat is concentrated on both sides of the buttocks, making the buttocks protrude to both sides; the buttocks type, the rear of the buttocks The belly is distinct and prominent; it is balanced, and the buttocks deposits are evenly distributed.

Regardless of the type of fat deposition on the buttocks, it is an abnormal posture and lacks beauty, so it is necessary to perform buttocks liposuction to lose weight. The buttocks are composed of a large amount of muscle and fat at the upper end of the sacroiliac bone and femur, and the proportion of fat is often large. There are nerves and blood vessels leading to the lower limbs in the deep layer of the buttock muscles, and the possibility of injury is very small.

How does liposuction work?

Buttocks liposuction is a very common method to thin buttocks. This method has many advantages. Buttocks liposuction has no incision, no rebound, no diet, safe and reliable, and fast fat removal. Quick and easy operation. Buttocks will not rebound after liposuction, because the number of fat cells in adults is constant, and liposuction can reliably reduce the number of human fat cells, even if the remaining fat cells increase in volume after surgery, its total The volume increase is also limited, and there will be no rebound phenomenon.

Multi-dimensional three-dimensional liposuction, no need to diet, low probability of rebound: The number of fat cells is reduced from all levels, and the cells are constant, so the probability of rebound is extremely small. The skin is firm, the scar is not obvious, the small incision adopts a non-invasive liposuction tube to automatically avoid the connective tissue, etc., the scar is not obvious.

What are the advantages of buttock liposuction? Buttocks liposuction can reduce the width and circumference of your buttocks very well, thus laying the foundation for an S-shaped figure; buttocks liposuction can very well solve the problem of sagging skin on the buttocks, so that the buttocks can instantly become Lifting the buttocks can also reach the height you want. After liposuction of the buttocks, the line of the buttocks and the waist will be smoother; the liposuction of the buttocks can also absorb the fat at the root of the thighs, so that it can be beautiful. Slender legs are not a problem either.

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