What are the methods of arm liposuction

by:Dino     2022-03-21
Rough arms always give you a 'stupid' feeling. It is for women, so many women are very troubled by this and want to get rid of this trouble by liposuction. So what methods are there for arm liposuction? ? Let's ask Nanning dream liposuction experts to give us a detailed introduction. Nanning dream arm liposuction method: 1. Injection liposuction: arm injection liposuction mainly uses the negative pressure generated by the syringe to suck out the fat, and part of it is that the negative pressure liposuction to lose weight causes great damage to the surgical area, and the syringe Way less damage. However, this is only a theory, and there is no direct evidence that the damage of negative pressure liposuction is much greater than that of the syringe method. 2. Ultrasonic liposuction: The ultrasonic arm liposuction method uses external ultrasound equipment. Its principle is to emit ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency and a certain energy under the skin, thereby causing many micro-voids in the intracellular fluid to divert the accumulated ultrasonic energy to the surrounding area. Eventually lead to cell rupture. 3. Negative pressure liposuction: Negative pressure liposuction to lose weight, through a local 5mm micro-incision, inject enough swelling fluid to emulsify the fat, and then suck the fat out through negative pressure. This method, also called wet liposuction, is one of the most common arm liposuction procedures. Under normal circumstances, after hand liposuction, the doctor will instruct the operator to do related surgical care work, such as try to rest in a quiet and comfortable environment for about two weeks, and try not to let the surgical wound get on it. Water, eat less or do not eat irritating food, etc., only in this way can you achieve a good effect of liposuction and thin arms. You must know that only by doing a good job of postoperative care can liposuction and thin arms achieve multiplier effect with half the effort.

Well, the above is the introduction of 'arm liposuction method' of Nanning Dream Liposuction Hospital. If you have any questions or where you want to consult, welcome to Nanning Dream Liposuction Hospital, here is what you want Professional doctors, excellent equipment and excellent service, we do these only for your beauty and keep moving forward!

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