What are the methods of buttock liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-22
In real life, due to work reasons, long-term sitting, lack of exercise, and unreasonable diet structure, many women are prone to the phenomenon of particularly hypertrophy of the buttocks. Enlarged buttocks can seriously affect the appearance and can affect the line of the buttocks. In life, the hypertrophy of buttocks of female friends who love beauty can actually be adjusted by liposuction. So, how do you get liposuction on the buttocks? How to take care of your buttocks after liposuction? We together look.

What are the methods of hip liposuction? 1. Mechanical liposuction Put the straw into the fat layer and connect it with a device that can generate negative pressure. The straw will then move back and cut the fat in the fat layer. Finally, the fat is sucked out in the bottle using the negative pressure suction method, and the deep fat will be sucked out as much as possible. Properly maintain the superficial fat so that it remains in the shallower layer. In order to avoid sequelae, women need to keep some superficial fat during liposuction, so that it looks natural. 2. Ultrasound liposuction This is a kind of ultrasound that breaks down body fat and then extracts excess body fat. The advantage of this method is that there is no massive bleeding. It only destroys fat, not connective tissue and blood vessels, and the damage is relatively small. 3. Two needles of electronic liposuction enter the fat layer, the needles are injected with anesthetic and normal saline locally, then two electrode needles are used to liquefy the fat, and the other needle is used to extract the liquefied fat. This method is very convenient and very safe, and there is no cutting caused. Wound. How to care for the buttocks after liposuction? 1. The beauty seeker after buttock liposuction should have a good rest space. After the operation, there may be redness and swelling in individual parts. At this time, the beauty seeker should use cold compresses to relieve the redness and swelling. 2. Many people experience inflammation after buttock liposuction. Therefore, postoperative beauty seekers should take some antibacterial drugs for anti-inflammatory treatment, and must insist on wearing elastic pants to achieve liposuction effect and prevent skin relaxation. 3. The bandage will take about two days after the operation, and then the compression garment will be used for shaping. The beauty seeker must not remove the bandage and scratch the wound without permission, so as not to cause infection. If you want to know more about buttocks liposuction Liposuction info: How long does it take to repair buttocks liposuction? What are the main points of hip liposuction
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