What are the methods of thigh liposuction

by:Dino     2022-03-07
A woman's aura comes from self-confidence. Many obese patients hope to quickly create slender legs through thigh liposuction. If the thighs are too fat, they will lose their beauty, and the inner thighs will accumulate fat. When the legs are rubbed in summer, they often grow out. Prickly heat, etc., thigh liposuction is a necessary choice. Thigh liposuction cannula surgery method 1. Negative pressure liposuction: This is the earliest machine liposuction method, which uses negative pressure, specific suction tube, suction tip and appropriate anesthesia to remove local fat. It is suitable for systemic or local fat accumulation due to various reasons. 2. Ultrasound liposuction: The use of ultrasonic energy to selectively destroy fat cells, and then suction to remove adipose tissue through negative pressure, is divided into in vivo ultrasound and in vitro ultrasound, which is currently regarded as a relatively safe method. 3. Electronic liposuction: The thermal effect generated by a high-frequency electric field of a certain intensity is used to heat the adipose tissue, resulting in the rupture of fat cells, which is conducive to suction removal. Should thigh liposuction be performed in multiple times? Thigh liposuction generally does not need to be performed multiple times. It only takes one operation to see obvious results. However, if the recipient's liposuction volume is too much, liposuction should follow the principle of 'small amount and many times'. For thigh liposuction with a large amount of liposuction, it cannot be done at one time, which will bring some side effects, so it must be performed in multiple times. Less suction site, less trauma, faster recovery, less pain, in addition, large-area liposuction is a labor-intensive job for doctors, easy to get tired, and the suction degree will be reduced due to fatigue, which will affect the surgical effect. . Thigh liposuction should be combined with the characteristics of one's own temperament and the thickness of the buttocks and calves to choose the appropriate shape. Usually people with small buttocks and not thick calves can reveal the muscles of the thighs, giving people a strong and powerful feeling; people with large buttocks and not thin calves need to keep some fat, so as not to show more The buttocks and calves are uneven, but in any case, the excess fat on the back and upper parts of the thighs must be removed to make the thighs appear slender. The operation is performed under epidural anesthesia with small incisions made from the inside of the groin on both sides or the inside of the gluteal crease, and there are no obvious marks after the operation. Reminder: here to remind the majority of beauty lovers, you must not just find a hospital for surgery, you must find a regular, large hospital for surgery to be reliable and guaranteed! Recommended reading: Is mandibular angle liposuction dangerous? Does mandibular angle liposuction affect health?
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