What are the ways to change the shape of the buttocks?

by:Dino     2022-03-14
Every woman wants her body to be perfect. A perfect body should not only have an S-curve, but also plump and sexy buttocks and firm breasts. However, most women in life are due to work and living habits, resulting in too hypertrophy and sagging of the buttocks, which seriously affects the external beauty of women. So, what are the ways to make women have the perfect butt shape? Let's take a look below.

What are the ways to change the shape of the buttocks? 1. Butt augmentation surgery (butt augmentation surgery) Hip augmentation surgery is more suitable for patients with small buttocks, buttocks depression caused by hip dysplasia, even if the size of the buttocks is still appropriate, but it is not full enough, and people who do not have buttock peaks can also choose buttock augmentation. technique. This operation is more commonly used in China. Generally, one's own fat is used for buttock injection. The effect is relatively natural, and the safety factor is also very high, which is suitable for the physique of Orientals. 2. Buttock lift surgery This kind of buttocks liposuction is more suitable for older women, as well as people with excess fat or who have given birth to more than two children. At this time, the skin of the buttocks will sag. Use lift surgery to absorb and remove excess fat on the buttocks and the symptoms of sagging skin to choose the location of the surgery. Generally, incisions are made on the upper buttocks or the outer side, the root of the thigh, and the gluteal groove. Cut off excess fat and skin. Generally, after the operation is completed, you will get an ideal buttock shape. Even if you wear a swimsuit or shorts, the incision will not be revealed, and after the liposuction doctor's fine stitching, it will look very natural. 3. Buttocks liposuction Among young women, there are more people who choose buttocks liposuction, because the skin of young people is very elastic, and the excess fat can be removed by liposuction. During the whole process of liposuction, keep the technique uniform, pay attention to the curvature of the buttocks, do not overdo it, and the gluteal groove must be clear, so that it will look more natural and smooth. The doctor can use the skin elasticity of young beauty seekers to shape perfect hip shape. If you want to know more about buttocks liposuction Liposuction Information: What are the methods of buttocks liposuction? What to check before hip liposuction
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