What is arm liposuction? How soon can I exercise normally after arm liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-17
Arm fat is really annoying, I dare not wear sleeveless shirts, only bat sleeves. Liposuction thin arm is to directly remove excess fat from subcutaneous, achieve the goal by reducing the number of fat cells, effectively solve the problem of excess fat, and achieve the effect of long-term thin arm.

What are the advantages of arm liposuction?

1. Arm liposuction can directly remove the strong fat on the arm from the subcutaneous of the arm, thereby reducing the amount of fat in the arm. This operation can reduce the amount of bleeding, and there will be no pain, mainly It is the use of ultrasound to remove excess fat on the arm.

2. Liposuction through the arm is safe, painless and less traumatic. It is especially easy and fast, without wasting too much energy and effort. It usually takes 60 minutes to complete successfully, preventing rebound. However, after that, you must maintain good living habits, make your body overweight, and control your fat intake.

3. Arm liposuction is a coup after circular liposuction, which sucks out all the excess fat on the arm, and makes an incision under the armpit, which can hide the scars caused by the operation , and then gently pull out the fat. During the liposuction process, it is necessary to grasp the details and uniformity, so as to prevent unevenness.

How soon can I exercise normally after arm liposuction?

Try to rest at home for two or three days after arm liposuction. After two or three days, the swelling and bruising of the arm will slowly dissipate, and then find a time to go to the hospital for follow-up after two or three days. When there is no abnormality after the doctor's examination, you can perform some appropriate arm exercises, or do some housework within your ability. At this time, appropriate exercise is conducive to speeding up the recovery and improving the effect.

After two or three days after arm liposuction, you can exercise your arms properly, such as some lighter housework, daily activities, etc. However, you should avoid physical labor until you fully recover. The surgical site should also avoid severe collisions. Generally, the recovery will be completed about 1 month after the operation, and the complete recovery time will not exceed 2 months. After the complete recovery, you can move as you want.

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