What is liposuction to lose weight

by:Dino     2022-03-08
What is liposuction to lose weight like? It is human nature to be lazy. If you can sit, you will never stand, and if you can lie down, you will never sit. But as soon as spring and summer arrived, I started to feel anxious, because many places 'overflowed'. However, unable to hold back the rich imagination and courage of human beings, liposuction cannula surgery came into being! For weight loss, this shortcut can save time and effort. You don't need to exercise, sweat, or control your diet. What you need is your courage. Then, what is the matter with liposuction? Is it really what you think? Think so amazing?

Suitable for the crowd? Both are fat people, but have different ways of getting fat. Because obesity is divided into simple obesity and pathological obesity. Simple obesity: The etiology is not yet very clear, but a large number of studies have shown that it is related to factors such as genetics, hormones and dietary habits, and only simple obesity is suitable for liposuction. In layman's terms, it is caused by gluttony and lack of exercise. Pathological obesity: obesity caused by other diseases, obesity is only one of the clinical manifestations of these primary diseases. does not have much significance for the treatment of this type of obesity, which mainly needs to be treated according to the cause. What exactly is liposuction? Strictly speaking, liposuction is not a weight loss surgery, but a plastic surgery. It is mainly aimed at the problem of local fat accumulation, solving the accumulated subcutaneous fat and improving the body shape, especially for fairies with relatively normal weight but obvious local fat accumulation. , it can only bring us the effect of losing weight visually, but has no effect on visceral fat, so this method is not good for health, it is just a liposuction method. More importantly, a liposuction operation can only extract up to 3000-5000 ml of fat, and the interval between operations is generally more than half a year. Therefore, the effect of weight loss is also very limited, so liposuction plastic surgery is performed. Then you have to control your diet to lose weight. If you want to know more about liposuction hospitals, you can consult liposuction doctors online. It is the national liposuction hospital price inquiry platform, the national liposuction doctor consultation platform, and the national free liposuction appointment hotline:
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