What is the misunderstanding of liposuction to lose weight?

by:Dino     2022-03-16
We all know that liposuction can have the effect of losing weight, but do you know what the misconception is about this type of surgical treatment? The editor below will introduce it in detail for everyone, and let's take a look at the interested friends.

What is the misunderstanding of liposuction to lose weight? 1. Liposuction is dangerous After more than 10 years of development, this surgery has long been a relatively mature cosmetic surgery. Such as trauma, bleeding, surgical complications are greatly reduced. The safety of liposuction can be fully guaranteed as long as a qualified doctor is selected in a regular medical institution, and the preoperative preparation, intraoperative operation and postoperative treatment are strictly followed. 2. The purpose of liposuction is to lose weight. It is wrong to lose weight by liposuction. These are completely two concepts. Liposuction is to improve body shape, and weight loss is to reduce weight. The fat absorbed by liposuction is generally local, and human adipose tissue is much lighter than other tissues, with only 20% water content. Local inhalation of 1000 ml of fat is actually not heavy. 3. Liposuction without any pain It is impossible to operate without pain, no matter which liposuction method is used, anesthesia must be used. Intraoperative pain may be caused by injection of anesthesia, insufficient anesthesia range, uneven anesthesia, and low anesthesia concentration. Usually, the pain is not obvious within one day and one night of the operation. At this time, the skin pain is aggravated by the local force, and usually gradually decreases and disappears after 3 days after the operation. 4. The more liposuction, the better The idea that the more liposuction the better, and the more effective weight loss is, is completely wrong! The amount of liposuction should be determined according to the patient's own situation and cannot be generalized. At present, the patient's liposuction volume is generally controlled at about 3000ml, 5000ml is a safe limit, and one liposuction should not exceed 10,000ml. The more liposuction, the greater the possibility of complications. Grading liposuction can also achieve good fitness results, while ensuring the safety of your own life. 5. Everyone can do liposuction and body sculpting. People who undergo liposuction must be within 30% of their body weight, have good skin elasticity, and have no excessive sagging or wrinkles. The most suitable age for liposuction to lose weight should be 18 to 55 years old, because the growth of cells is completed before the age of 18, and fat cells generally do not divide and grow after the age of 18. Liposuction and body sculpting are not suitable for people over 60 years old, immature teenagers and people with medical problems. Liposuction Information: What is the price of liposuction? Side effects of liposuction to lose weight
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