What is the process of arm liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-21
Summer is approaching, and it is the season of revealing flesh. Some beauty-loving women like to wear suspenders, so that their arms will be exposed. If the arms are thick, it will affect the appearance. Many women will take the way of arm liposuction to remedy. Arms can be thinned after arm liposuction, but arm liposuction is likely to have side effects, so you should be well prepared.

So what is the process of arm liposuction? 1. Examination: On the day of the operation, a whole body examination should be done. Only after confirming that there is no serious disease in the body of the beauty lovers, the operation can be performed. 2. Determine the location: The liposuction doctor should draw a contour map on the arm of the beauty seeker according to the designed plan, and then determine the part that needs liposuction and the amount of liposuction that needs to be extracted. 3. Anesthesia: Before surgery, anesthesia should be performed, and semi-anesthesia measures can be taken. 4. Suction: A one-centimeter incision is made in the initial part, and then a straw is inserted through the small incision for suction. The whole operation is painless. What precautions should be taken before arm liposuction? 1. Do not drink or smoke in the first few days of the operation, so as not to affect the effect of the operation. 2. Before the operation, beauty lovers must stop taking any drugs, it is forbidden to use apirin and vitamin E and other drugs that expand blood vessels. 3. Conduct a physical health check. Systemic examinations, including routine blood and liver routine tests, as well as hypertension and electrocardiogram, should be carried out before surgery. 4. Before going to bed, keep your body clean and dry, clean your body in place, and do not leave sweat and dirt. 5. The matter depends on the method of anesthesia to decide whether to fast or not. 6. In-depth communication with the doctor should be carried out before surgery. Before the operation, it is necessary to understand the size and layout of the operation and the degree of pain, as well as the recovery speed and expected effect after the operation, and some possible risks. If you want to know more about arm liposuction Liposuction Information: How to do arm liposuction? How is arm liposuction performed?
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