What problems should be paid attention to in liposuction stovepipe?

by:Dino     2022-03-22
How to thin legs has always been a concern of beauty lovers, especially now that it is a hot summer, it is a good time for beauties to show off their beautiful legs. There are many ways to slim down your legs, but if you want to say that the effect is significant and long-lasting, you must count the liposuction surgery. So, what problems should be paid attention to in liposuction stovepipe?

There is no such thing as a painless operation with a correct understanding of the pain. No matter what kind of liposuction is used, anesthesia must be performed. Insufficient range, unevenness, and low concentration of anesthetics cause intraoperative pain. Under normal circumstances, the pain is not obvious within 24 hours after the operation, and usually gradually relieves and disappears gradually 3 days after the operation. Correct understanding of the effect of surgery is only from liposuction. , There will be no rebound after surgery, because liposuction reduces the number of fat cells, and it will not increase. However, if there is no adjustment in diet, exercise, living habits, etc., the subject may still be obese, such as excessive calorie intake, fat will be transferred to the abdominal cavity to accumulate, etc.; The three parts of liposuction have different methods Fat accumulation on the outer thigh is often accompanied by fat hyperplasia above the inner and upper knees. Before the operation, the thickness of the fat should be checked in detail. Be careful not to suck the fat in the depression of the buttocks, so as to avoid deformity. The postoperative effect is not as stable as the lateral part, and care must be taken not to suck too much fat, so as to avoid a larger space between the two legs; fat accumulation in the knee is more common in the medial part of the knee, liposuction is easier, and there is less bleeding. Carry out adequate suction; Do a good job in postoperative care. The edema after liposuction and stovepipe surgery is heavier than other parts and lasts for a long time. Immediately after liposuction and stovepipe surgery, compression bandages should be used, and feet should be raised. Calf massage can be performed to promote the absorption of edema; high elastic stockings should be worn continuously for 3-6 weeks after operation to achieve the effect of compression and shaping; after liposuction and stovepipe surgery, there are often unevenness, which can only be touched by hand. However, it is not easy to see with the naked eye, and it can be reduced after half a year. If you want to know more about leg liposuction Liposuction Information: How about thigh ring liposuction for weight loss? What are the requirements for liposuction
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