What problems should women pay attention to when doing liposuction after childbirth?

by:Dino     2022-03-07
What problems should women pay attention to when doing liposuction after childbirth? Many female friends have undergone great changes in their bodies after childbirth, and become very obese, which makes them feel very painful. In order to lose weight, they all choose liposuction to lose weight. So what problems should women pay attention to when doing liposuction after childbirth? What?

The effect of postpartum abdominal liposuction for weight loss? Abdominal liposuction works by reducing the number of fat cells in the body to lose weight. The number of fat cells in the adult body is constant. Once the number of fat cells is considered to be reduced, the goal of complete weight loss can be achieved, and the effect is very significant. Rebound after postpartum liposuction should not be called rebound in a strict sense, because liposuction is not equivalent to a non-surgical method, it can specifically reduce the number of subcutaneous fat cells in key areas that affect body shape . As long as the postpartum liposuction cannula surgery is carried out thoroughly, the long-term effect of the treatment can be guaranteed. No scars, no rebound, ideal results. Postpartum liposuction and weight loss need to pay attention to the following aspects: 1. It is necessary to fully communicate with the doctor before the operation, including the history of your own disease and medication, to confirm whether the physical condition is suitable for postpartum liposuction cannula surgery. 2. Focus on the parts that need liposuction to judge the thickness of the subcutaneous fat and the retraction force of the skin. 3. Confirm the time and surgical plan of postpartum liposuction, and check the body weight and circumference. 4. The routine examinations that need to be done before postpartum liposuction include blood routine, blood lipids, blood sugar, liver and kidney function, coagulation time, etc., which must be up to standard before postpartum liposuction can really be performed. After the operation, you should pay attention to wearing a good shapewear, 3-6 months to make your body more slender. After liposuction, pressure bandage is required to stop the bleeding. Then you're going to put on the stretchy shapewear that Sunbeam has already prepared for you. In addition to continuing to stop bleeding, its effect is to fix the remaining fat from flowing, and to help the skin to retract and become elastic. After 3-6 months, your beautiful curves are basically fixed. Pay attention to the numbness of the skin, which should recover in 3-5 weeks. If you want to know more information about postpartum liposuction to lose weight
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