What should be paid attention to in liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-08
Summer is a good time to lose weight. Many people choose liposuction to lose weight in order to wear beautiful suspender skirts or hot pants. They can indeed see the weight loss effect quickly, but they must understand the relevant precautions to avoid rebound.

What should be paid attention to in liposuction? 1. Not all parts of fat can be liposuctioned. The front and outer sides of the forearm and calf of the human body cannot be meticulously performed, because these parts are mainly muscle-based and have little fat, so the effect of liposuction will not be very good. Yes, and there may be damage to blood vessels or nerves. In addition, you must be cautious about liposuction on the calf and face. If the doctor does not operate properly or has insufficient clinical experience, it may cause local skin necrosis or unevenness, resulting in irreversible damage. 2. It is necessary to communicate with the doctor before the operation Before the liposuction cannula surgery, it is necessary to communicate with the doctor in detail and comprehensively, fully understand the situation of the body, and choose the operation method that suits you. During the operation, a layer-by-layer scanning method is used to absorb the excess fat layer by layer. Using this suction method, there will be no unevenness. One-time suction can extract about 80% of the fat. It is relieved, because the pain caused by the long operation time, and the liposuction effect after the operation is very natural, and the lines are relatively smooth. 3. Pay attention to the rehabilitation and nursing after liposuction operation Although liposuction is a small operation, the rehabilitation and nursing after the operation determine the effect of the operation. After the operation, as long as the drainage is smooth, the swelling of the surgical area can be accelerated, the dressing can be changed regularly to prevent infection, and the correct use of elastic bandages in strict accordance with the doctor's instructions for three months can prevent the affected skin from loosening. Reasonable use of infrared physiotherapy can soften the scars in the surgical area. 4. The principle of taking a small number of times should be adopted in the process of liposuction cannula surgery, because the amount of suction parts determines the size of the trauma. If more suction is performed at one time, the greater the trauma will be. , the speed of recovery will be slower, and surgery must be performed under general anesthesia, which is prone to accidents. Liposuction Information: What is the safe way to lose weight by liposuction? Is liposuction the same as losing weight?
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