What should I pay attention to after postpartum liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-10
If we have a healthy and slender figure, it will have great benefits for our body, and it will also make us get more attention and more attractiveness. After all, a stylish figure will leave more impression on others. , The bloated body after childbirth is a worry for mothers. Liposuction and body sculpting is a cosmetic surgery that is relatively common in the liposuction and beauty industry. It uses a negative pressure method to absorb excess fat in the body. come out. This method of liposuction and body sculpting is a very good way for women who love beauty now. So for mothers who have given birth, how can they quickly and safely return to their previous figure? Appropriate liposuction cannula surgery can be selected for recovery. So what should you pay attention to after postpartum liposuction?

The total body liposuction volume at one time cannot exceed 10,000 ml. Need to stay in hospital for observation after operation. Patients with a relatively large amount of liposuction should stay in the hospital for observation for at least 24 hours, but more than three days. In addition, for some patients from other places, considering the inconvenience of their re-examination, they will stay in the hospital for 3-5 days for observation. 1. Avoid eating irritating foods such as peppers. 2. Keep the surgical site clean to prevent infection. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with sterile saline. 3. On the day of liposuction, the wound will be a little painful, but it will gradually ease over time. Patients should not rush to take pain relievers because aspirin drugs can increase wound bleeding. 4. There should be a quiet and comfortable environment for recuperation after surgery. Do not watch TV or newspapers within 2 weeks after the operation, and try to be in a semi-recumbent position (put the pillow up) when you are in bed, so as to avoid eye fatigue or head position too low and aggravate the swelling of the wound. Postpartum liposuction care is actually not too difficult and does not take too much time. Most of the precautions should be paid more attention to in daily behavior, and there is no need to spare time to do it. Postpartum liposuction and weight loss post-operative care. In this way, mothers can take care of their children while losing weight. If you want to know more about postpartum liposuction, you can consult online liposuction experts. It is a national beauty liposuction appointment consultation platform and a national liposuction preferential price inquiry platform, which aims to provide more professional and safe beauty seekers. Reliable liposuction appointment service.
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