What should I pay attention to in arm liposuction?

by:Dino     2022-03-21
Poor shape of the upper arm can be caused by excess muscle and excess fat. Among them, it is more common to have too much subcutaneous fat on the upper arm and cause the poor shape of the upper arm. For the poor shape of the upper arm caused by excessive subcutaneous fat, arm liposuction can be used to achieve the purpose of reshaping the shape. The common surgical procedures for arm liposuction mainly include: arm electric negative pressure liposuction, arm ultrasonic liposuction, arm electronic liposuction, arm resonance liposuction, arm syringe liposuction, etc.

Preoperative preparation: 1. Stop drinking alcohol and stop vasodilators one week before surgery. 2. Examination of physical health: Excluding possible internal diseases such as heart, lung, liver and blood, previous surgical history, history of medication allergies, etc. 3. Shampoo your hair once a day for 3 days before the operation; you can take appropriate sleeping drugs the night before the operation, and apply sedatives and analgesics as appropriate for half an hour before the operation; decide whether you need to fast according to the anesthesia method. 4. The patient and the doctor should have a comprehensive and in-depth pre-operative conversation to understand the size of the operation, the degree of pain in the steps, the speed of recovery, the possible effects; possible risks; Whether expectations for surgery are realistic, etc. Postoperative care: 1. Avoid eating irritating foods such as peppers after surgery. 2. Keep the surgical site clean to prevent infection. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with sterile saline. 3. The wound will be a little painful on the day of surgery, but it will gradually ease over time. The patient should not rush to take pain relievers because the medicine will aggravate the bleeding of the wound. 4. After the operation, the local wound can be bandaged with pressure or cold compress with an ice pack, but the pressure should not be too large. Once bleeding and severe hematoma occur, you should go to the hospital for follow-up in time. 5. Try to avoid water in the surgical department within 7 days after the operation. 6. Strictly abide by the doctor's instructions to take medicine and follow up. If you want to learn more about arm liposuction Liposuction info: Will arm liposuction leave scars? What are the advantages of arm liposuction?
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