Who is hydrodynamic liposuction suitable for?

by:Dino     2022-03-13
Who is hydrodynamic liposuction suitable for? Nowadays, some people choose to take diet pills and diet in order to make their body look better. After that, diet pills and diet methods will not only rebound but also cause great harm to our body. So if you want to lose weight, hydrodynamic liposuction is a very good weight-loss surgery at the moment, but not everyone is suitable for hydrodynamic liposuction, so who is suitable for hydrodynamic liposuction?

What are the advantages of hydrodynamic liposuction 1. Accurate directional positioning control: Whether it is a rounded shoulder or a raised lower abdomen, hydrodynamic liposuction can Targeted to reduce the number of fat, and relatively shortened by 1/2, liposuction volume, liposuction size to mm, is your real body sculpting expert. 2. Balance the proportion of fat, just right: It can conduct detailed tests on the body's fat, and obtain relevant data on the gold content of fat to control the balance of the amount in the process of liposuction. After surgery, the skin will be 1/3 flatter than usual, allowing the body to maintain a natural curvature. 3. Minimally invasive and painless operation Directional liposuction can enhance the body's ability to synthesize elastin and collagen, so that the loose skin after weight loss becomes tight, smooth and elastic, and not easy to rebound. 360-degree hydrodynamic liposuction can create the devil figure you dream of, and it is a good way for you to lose weight. Who are hydrodynamic liposuction suitable for? Hydrodynamic liposuction is suitable for beauty lovers who are over 18 years old, healthy and partially obese. It is suitable for waist and abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back and other parts. Hydrodynamic liposuction is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for people who are older, have important organ diseases, take aspirin, vitamin E, nifedipine and other drugs for a long time, and women who are menstruating and breastfeeding. Preoperative precautions for hydrodynamic annular liposuction: communicate with the doctor or have a deep understanding of the relevant matters of the operation. A health check is required before surgery to ensure that the body is free of major diseases. Stay in good spirits. Anticoagulants were discontinued 1-2 weeks before surgery. Women cannot have surgery during their menstrual cycle. Do not take aspirin within two weeks before surgery to avoid hematoma or blood stasis, which can cause hemosiderin deposition to cause skin pigmentation. If you want to know more about hydrodynamic liposuction to lose weight Liposuction Information: How many parts does back liposuction include? How much does back liposuction cost?
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