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FAQ of liposuction surgery

FAQ of liposuction surgery


Will there be rebound of liposuction?

Once entering adulthood, peoples’ fat cell number is constant. There’re two kinds of losing weight, one is losing the volume of fat cells and the other is losing quantity of fat cells. Being on a diet, doing exercise and through other measures are the first kind, while liposuction is the second kind. If one overeats after liposuction, although fat cells reduced, the volume would increase and cause obesity. Therefore, do not consider liposuction as once and for all, because it also requires reasonable diet for physical health. 

What are the harms of liposuction surgery?

First of all, it’s infection. Normally you can avoid that by choosing official institutions and follow doctor’s suggestion for recovery. Secondly, it’s unevenness and scars, which are related to liposuction skills and they could cause adhesion and scars. Should always choose experience surgeons. Thirdly, it’s non-pleasant bodyline. When fat has gone after liposuction, the transition between buttock and thigh would not be natural. Liposuction surgery supposed to focus on body sculpture.

Does liposuction reduces body weight?

Liposuction does not substantially reduce body weight. Many girls gained weight after liposuction, and that’s very likely caused from swelling. However, there’s no major change of weight even after full recovery. Fat is large in volume but light in weight, so liposuction does not bring major changes of body weight.

Is spring the best season for liposuction?

In fact, season and weather have subtle effect on plastic surgery. It is always said that injection easily happens in hot summer, but air conditioning makes it more comfortable. Also high temperature moves blood circulation and expedites recovery. And spring has the modest temperature, and spring liposuction gives the chance to present body in summer. That’s also one of the advantage for doing liposuction in spring. 

Is it painful to do liposuction?

Actually, you can feel the liposuction cannula going inside your skin under anesthesia. But you don’t feel the pain because you won’t feel anything. Most of the time, it’s local anesthesia for face and general anesthesia. There will be discomfort after surgery such as pain and soreness, which are basically bearable.

How much fat can be removed once by liposuction?

Some overweight girls need liposuction at multiple sites and wish to remove as much fat as possible. However, it is impossible and not allowed. In China, the limit for one-time liposuction is 5000ml and most surgeons only do 3000ml. It is dangerous to remove too much fat at one time and does not receive good result. Losing weight by liposuction is a quick process for lazy people because it’s short period, fast effect and not easy to have rebound. Nevertheless, surgery comes with potential harm, so beauty pursuers should learn to effectively avoid harms by choosing official institutions and experienced surgeons and make it safer and less pain. 

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