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What are the differences between svf gel and nano fat?

What are the differences between svf gel and nano fat?


Differences between nano fat and ECM/SVF gel:

1. ECM/SVF-gel is obtained from self fat tissue after being treated by purely physical process. It consists of high concentration of bioactive ecm and ASCS, and it’s an injectable gel material for fat transplantation. 

Nano fat, compared with general macro fat, is cellulite of micro fat of only 0.4mm diameter. At present, nano fat is widely applied to the field of fat transplantation.

The differences between the two: 1. Nano fat is cellulite of micro fat, while ECM/SVF-gel is a gel material for fat transplantation that has higher ecm and ADSC than regular fat and nano fat. Technically, it’s fat extract. 

2. The main function of nano fat is to improve fine wrinkles and it needs to combine with macro fat. 

ECM/SVF-gel contains rich ADSC and ecm. The ADSC, with multi-potential differentiation, has strong ability of amplification and self-renewing and can differentiate to fat cells, muscle cells and VEC through induced culture. So ECM/SVF-gel can be used for injection, support and skin softening. In the meantime, ECM/SVF-gel increases fat remaining and recovers sooner than regular macrofat due to high concentration of ecm. 

What are the differences for making the two?

To make nano fat is a complicated and delicate process, from extracting a small amount of fat from fat reservation, to separating and purifying for macro fat. Then link the connector to syringe, suck and push certain times repeatedly, and then through mechanical emulsification, followed by suspension filtering for filtrates with nano fat. Abandon what is left from free fat. 

To make ECM/SVF-gel, extract fat from reservation, remove oil and water from the fat for further treatment. Standing or using centrifuge are both fine. Put the fat collected from first step into 2 syringes of 10ml connected by 2.4mm luer lock adaptor. Push to inject physically for fat emulsification and filter out the adhesive tissues. Add 0.5ml oil into the emulsified fat, mix them by moving back and forward for 3 to 5 times, and separate the treated emulsified fat for 3 minutes with 2000g centrifugal force. Discard the tumescent fluid on the lower level and most of the yellow clear grease on the upper level. The adhesive gel-like material underneath the oil level is defined as ECM/SVF-gel. 

At present, nano fat and SVF-gel are both widely used for fat injection by Injection Cannula and mostly are combined with macro fat, because the production ratio of SVF-gel is close to 10:1, and it consumes a large amount of fat, so it’s normally used for injection. 

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