Buttocks liposuction, let you have sexy buttocks

by:Dino     2022-03-05
The pursuit of beauty will never stop, but we all know that everyone's aesthetic views are different, some people like fat, some like thin, but everyone's aesthetic views on buttocks are the same, basically most people I like to see plump buttocks, because it's more sexy. If you want to have buttocks, choose buttocks liposuction. Buttocks liposuction will make you have sexy buttocks.

1. The inner 1/2 and the outer 1/3 of the subgluteal fold; the fat in this area has a supporting effect on the buttocks. The drooping of the buttocks or the double folds under the buttocks has a greater impact on the body shape. 2. The buttocks liposuction cannula surgery is compressed and bandaged to ensure the effect of the surgery. The recovery period after the buttocks liposuction cannula surgery is 2-3 days. There may be bruises on the surgical site, and it will take 1 month for the swelling to disappear and then become natural. For about 1-2 days after the operation, a bandage should be used, and then a compression suit should be used. 3. According to the shape of the deformity, a corresponding plan should be formulated for buttock liposuction, and the suction should be planned step by step. Since the number of adult fat cells no longer increases, obesity is only caused by the increase in the volume of fat cells. Due to the different types of fat deposition in the hips and the different plasticity needs, different amounts of fat are absorbed in different parts, so that the number of fat cells is reduced, and it is not easy to rebound after surgery. 4. The sacral triangle, also known as the Bermuda triangle (the triangle area between the tip of the coccyx and the midpoint of the lower buttock folds on both sides), is a contraindication for liposuction. The lower buttocks fold can be raised and the shape is natural. After liposuction, the buttocks will not sag, and the length of the lower limbs can be extended; for those with obvious depression in the middle of the buttocks, the sucked fat particles can be injected into the depression to make the buttocks form slightly. Convex outward arc. 'Buttocks liposuction, let you have sexy buttocks' is introduced here. If you want to know more beauty consultation, you can consult online experts online. It is a free consultation platform for liposuction hospitals across the country, and a platform for querying preferential prices for liposuction hospitals across the country. It aims to provide professional, detailed and safe liposuction appointment services for more beauty seekers. National free appointment hotline, experts will serve you wholeheartedly and help you embark on the road of beauty! Related recommendation; Buttocks liposuction helps you become a sexy beauty Is the price of buttocks liposuction expensive?
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