Does Calf Liposuction Work? What are the characteristics of liposuction skinny legs?

by:Dino     2022-03-15
Calf liposuction is the use of professional liposuction equipment, the operation enters the subcutaneous tissue through a tiny skin incision, suctions excess fat, the operation is simple and safe, and there will be no obvious marks after the operation, and it will not affect your appearance influence.

The calf liposuction adopts a minimally invasive and painless liposuction method, which will automatically avoid blood vessels and nerve tissue during the operation, and will not cause any damage to the skin and tissue. Moreover, the operation time is short, it takes 2 hours to complete, and the attractive posture can be quickly restored in a very short time after the operation. In addition, calf liposuction can not only remove excess fat, but also effectively block the regeneration of fat cells. There is no rebound after surgery, which can completely and effectively achieve stovepipe.

Because the skin of the calf is relatively tender, a thin tube is used for liposuction to thin the calf. Generally, the doctor will suture after liposuction, and those who love beauty can go to the hospital in about 7 days to remove the sutures. Appropriate exercise after liposuction is helpful for recovery, and beauty lovers can return to normal work and life in about 3-4 days without any impact. In addition, you should wear corsets for about 3 months after liposuction and thin legs, which can reduce the swelling and bruising of the legs, which is conducive to shaping, and can rarely recur in two or three months.

It will take some time to recover after calf liposuction, but the recovery will vary depending on the physique of each beauty seeker. In general, the younger you are, the better the ability of the tissue to repair. The stronger it is, the shorter the recovery time will be. However, in order to shorten the recovery time, the beauty seeker needs to do the corresponding nursing work after the operation.

Characteristics of liposuction and thin legs:

1. Minimally invasive surgery, less damage

Liposuction and thin legs is a minimally invasive method of thin legs, no need for surgery, small incisions, and intraoperative The pain is mild, the bleeding is less, no suture is required after surgery, and there is no obvious scar. Post-operative recovery is fast, the surface after liposuction is flat, and there is no unevenness.

2. Uniform liposuction and good effect

Liposuction and thin calf use the popular 'circular positioning' liposuction instrument, which does not require super negative pressure liposuction, and the circumferential positioning is accurate, so that the specified parts can be positioned accurately. Fat cells are lysed uniformly. After the operation, the skin is smooth, smooth, restores its natural elasticity, and quickly resolves body defects.

3. Liposuction is safe and does not rebound

Liposuction will not cause any damage to blood vessels and nerves, and it has the ability to enhance the synthesis of elastin and collagen in the human body, making the skin more elastic and healthy. smooth.

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