Does liposuction to lose weight affect your health?

by:Dino     2022-03-10
Liposuction is a very fashionable way to lose weight and has been sought after by most people. But there are still many people who still have doubts, will liposuction and weight loss affect health? The development process of liposuction to lose weight today has a history of 30 years in the world. During this time, medical scientists have done an observation experiment, that is, two patients who have undergone liposuction to lose weight and those who have not undergone liposuction to lose weight are compared. The populations were observed for 20 years. As a result, the incidence of hypertension, coronary heart disease, and various cancers in the former was 20 to 30 times lower than that in the latter. Therefore, liposuction to lose weight will not have any major impact on our health. Regarding the health problems of liposuction and weight loss, medical experts affirmed that correct liposuction and weight loss can not only improve people's body (especially women), but also bring health and improve people's quality of life. Since liposuction to lose weight is to suck off part of the abdominal fat, it will have some slight impact on the endocrine system, but it will not be too severe. You don't have to worry about it. . Some developed countries see liposuction as a better way to lose weight. Experts believe that as long as liposuction is not excessive or excessive suction, liposuction will not cause harm to the human body. This is because the standard liposuction operation only directly acts on fat cells without damaging other tissues and organs. When a person is not suitable for liposuction, once liposuction is performed, it will seriously affect their health. Who is not suitable for liposuction cannula surgery? Morbid obesity due to excess endocrine or a certain disease should not do liposuction. Obese people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and blood dysfunction should not do liposuction to lose weight. Children under the age of 18 have not yet perfected their physical development and the amount of body fat has not been constant. If liposuction is blinded, it will not only be easy to rebound, but also destroy the growth cycle of children and endanger their health. Reminder: here to remind the majority of beauty lovers, you must not just find a hospital for surgery, you must find a regular, large hospital for surgery to be reliable and guaranteed! Recommended reading: Is it good to do back liposuction? What are the advantages of back liposuction?
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