Five principles of postpartum liposuction

by:Dino     2022-03-23
Nowadays, liposuction and weight loss have helped many female friends to solve their body troubles, but as a medical cosmetic surgery, its safety and effect cannot be guaranteed 100%. Five principles of liposuction to lose weight.

1. Make a detailed liposuction plan before surgery. Which part do you want to suck? How much fat do you want to remove? What kind of effect do you want to achieve? Before liposuction, the recipient should communicate with the liposuction doctor in detail, Discuss and formulate a comprehensive and detailed liposuction plan, so as to 'have a bottom line'. 2. Liposuction should be 'less suction and multiple times' Liposuction should follow the principle of 'less suction multiple times'. Fewer suction sites, less trauma, faster recovery, less pain, and no need for general anesthesia. On the contrary, large-scale fat suctioning is traumatic, painful, slow to recover, and requires a large amount of anesthetics, increasing the risk of anesthesia accidents. In addition, large-area liposuction is a labor-intensive job for liposuction doctors, and it is easy to get tired. Even if there is no life safety problem, it will reduce the accuracy of the operation due to fatigue, which will affect the effect of the operation. 3. Not all parts of the fat can be absorbed. Some parts of the human body cannot be liposuctioned, such as those parts that are mainly muscle and have a small amount of fat. Even if liposuction is done, the effect will not be good, and it is easy to cause liposuction. Nerve and blood vessel damage. 4. Choosing a well-known doctor for surgery The technique and experience of a liposuction doctor are directly related to the effect of liposuction surgery. For example, an experienced doctor will retain a certain fat layer when performing liposuction to ensure smooth and smooth skin after surgery. The skin is safe. They are very familiar with the anatomical layer of the suction site, and try to do as much as possible like 'peeling an onionBe as light as possible. 5. Do a good job of nursing care after surgery Liposuction surgery is only a part of the entire treatment, and post-operative care plays an important role in ensuring safety and surgical results. For example, smooth postoperative drainage can speed up the swelling of the surgical area, changing dressings on time can prevent infection, using elastic bandages correctly for 3 months can effectively prevent skin relaxation, and using infrared physiotherapy can promote the softening of scars in the surgical area. If you want to know more about the five principles of postpartum liposuction, you can consult an online liposuction expert. It is a national beauty liposuction appointment consultation platform and a national liposuction preferential price inquiry platform, which aims to provide more beauty seekers with detailed professional, Safe and secure liposuction appointment service.

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