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by:Dino     2022-03-11
Everyone's legs are different. Some people are born with long and thin legs, while others are born with short and thick legs. Many people have thick legs due to obesity. In order to improve the leg type, there are many ways to choose. For example, exercising can tighten the muscle lines in the legs, but now people are busy with work, some people do not have time to exercise, and some people do not exercise because they are afraid of fatigue. There is another way to lose weight - liposuction on the legs. You don't need to exercise or diet. You need liposuction cannula surgery to cut off excess fat on your legs in a targeted way to create the shape of your legs that beauty lovers want. However, this approach also has its own drawbacks. To avoid side effects, we must do a good job of postoperative care.

The advantages of liposuction stovepipe: 1. Precise positioning: liposuction to reduce thigh positioning, focusing on the location of body fat deposition; 2. Rapid fat melting: 3. Invisible weight loss: the wound is only the size of a pinhole, leaving no scars after the operation; 4. Fast repair: Bai Shucheng liposuction reduces the size of the thigh wound, and the skin is quickly repaired Linear and firm; 5. Easy and non-rebound: block the reconstruction of adipose tissue and avoid rebound. Postoperative care 1. Wound treatment: first keep the suction position clean, wipe it with sterilized saline, and then cover it with gauze once a day, and the gauze can be removed after 1 week. In this case, the application must be continued with a medical ointment. 2. Sunscreen: Because the cells in the liposuction area have been processed, the tissue here is relatively fragile in the early stages and needs to be well recovered. During this time, the groomer should ensure that the skin is not exposed to the sun to ensure that no change in skin tone occurs. The detailed introduction is about the professional knowledge of leg liposuction. I look forward to helping everyone, and suggest that you go to a reliable liposuction beauty hospital to do it. If you want to know more about leg liposuction Liposuction Information: Leg Liposuction Price List and Results Reference Will Leg Liposuction Be Expensive?
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