How long does it take for waist and abdomen to return to normal after liposuction

by:Dino     2022-03-20

With the unbalanced distribution of work and exercise, the problem of obesity has become more and more serious, especially for people who sit for a long time to work and study, it is more likely to cause the accumulation of fat in the waist and abdomen, thus forming an obese figure. Such a serious problem, many people know how to learn about waist and abdomen liposuction on the Internet. So, how long does it take for the waist and abdomen to return to normal after liposuction? Which hospital in Sichuan is good?

How long does it take for the waist and abdomen to return to normal after liposuction? Abdominal liposuction is a local weight loss surgery. The incision is just a small needle eye, which has almost no interference to the whole body. However, because there are still some slight reactions and local exudation after the operation, it is necessary to avoid heavy physical labor within a week in order to better recovery without affecting office work. 2-3 days after the operation is the swelling period of the operation. Generally, the stitches are removed in about a week. After two to three weeks, the swelling caused by the operation can almost subside. After the swelling, you can see the effect of abdominal liposuction. Over time, the slimming effect will become more pronounced. It has a lot to do with postoperative care. After abdominal liposuction, in addition to normal diet, eat as little spicy and irritating food as possible, do not drink alcohol within a week, and take appropriate care. Before the liposuction hole is completely closed, the surgical site should be removed. Don't get wet for a while, and stick to wearing shapewear after surgery. Therefore, through the above analysis, we can clearly understand the importance of postoperative care of waist and abdomen liposuction. Therefore, if you want to be sexy, beautiful, and graceful, you must be inseparable from postoperative care. However, it should also be noted that weight loss must be moderate and avoid excessive liposuction, which is healthy and beautiful. If you want to have a further understanding of liposuction and beauty, as well as the appointment of hospital liposuction experts, liposuction prices, and hospital information, you can call our national toll-free hotline at any time: 400-0922-882 Recommended reading: What is the effect of waist and abdomen ring suction? What should be paid attention to in liposuction of waist and abdomen
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