How to choose leg liposuction

by:Dino     2022-03-19
Weight loss and weight loss have always been of great interest to everyone. Many people do not want to exercise or diet. It is fast to achieve weight loss through medical beauty liposuction. Leg liposuction is a medical beauty suction that many beautiful women have done. Liposuction.

The harm that elephant legs bring to us Accumulates fat on the lower body, making the thighs and calves thicker. Especially for office workers who stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, often order takeout and sit for a long time immediately after meals. 2. Love to eat foods with heavy salt, or suddenly drink a lot of boiled water, the muscles cannot stretch for a long time, the water cannot be excreted from the body, the legs are easily swollen due to pressure, and it is easy to accumulate too much water and excess toxins. On the lower body, the legs become thicker and leg edema is formed. 3. Lack of exercise, the calories of food cannot be consumed, and fat is more likely to accumulate in the abdomen, thighs, calves and other parts. How to choose the method of leg liposuction? Outer thigh: Fat accumulation on the outer thigh is often accompanied by fat hyperplasia above the inner and upper part of the knee. Before the operation, the thickness of the fat in the lateral thigh should be checked in detail, and the degree of fat protrusion should be marked. During the suction process, be careful not to suck the fat in the depression of the buttocks to avoid deformity. The thickness of the skin and subcutaneous fat should be consistent with the surrounding area, and excessive suction should not be performed to prevent postoperative adhesions and bony landmarks. Inner thigh: Inner thigh liposuction: The inner thigh skin is thinner, the fat is soft, the bleeding is easy during the operation, and the postoperative effect is not as stable as the outer thigh. The operation must pay attention not to suck too much fat, so as to avoid the formation of a large gap between the thighs on both sides. Medial knee: Fat accumulation in the knee is most common in the medial part of the knee. Liposuction of the knee is easier and less bleeding, so adequate suction can be performed. If you want to know more about leg liposuction Liposuction information: How about thigh ring liposuction to lose weight? What are the advantages of calf liposuction?
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