How to make calves thinner? How to correctly have 'girl group legs'?

by:Dino     2022-03-22

How to make the calf thinner? How to correctly have 'girl group legs'? More recently, Xiaohu was watching a girl group talent show. Not to mention, the external conditions of the ladies and sisters are really liked by most of the opposite sex. Not only is the person beautiful and sweet, but the figure is also excellent, especially the long thin and white legs, which are really pleasing to the eye. This should be the legendary 'girl group legs'! Fans will praise: sister's legs are not legs, spring water on the banks of the Seine. Dai Xiaohu knows that many people envy and want to have 'girl group legsToday, stay little fox to talk about how to make the calf thinner? How to correctly have 'girl group legs'? ?

First of all, you have to find out if your legs are thick, too muscular, or too fat? You can test yourself this way. You can shake your legs by yourself. If the flesh on your legs is shaking like hell, you are definitely fat. In the same way, if the flesh on your leg doesn't move, and it feels hard to the touch, it is not thick as a whole, but if it affects the local aesthetics, then it may be a muscular leg.

According to the observation of the little fox, most fairy legs are only divided into two types: 1. Fat type, 2. Fat type + muscle type

Usually , From the point of view of medical beauty, if it is a fat leg, it is mainly to reduce the fat content. The thickness of her legs mainly lies in the thighs, with too much fat and slender calves, resulting in an imbalance in the proportions of the calves and calves, which affects the aesthetics. For this type, we recommend using liposuction shaping method, which uses negative pressure to evenly suck out part of the deep fat through a liposuction needle. The fat layer after liposuction will form a tunnel-like cavity. Under the pressure of the corset (pants) after surgery, the remaining fat will stick to each other, making the fat layer thinner and flatter. Really reduce the amount of fat and achieve the effect of stovepipe.

For muscular legs, we recommend the use of stovepipe needles. By injecting botulinum toxin type A into the calf, the calf muscles are paralyzed and the muscles are contracted to achieve the effect of non-invasive slimming.

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