Liposuction on legs

by:Dino     2022-03-06
Can liposuction surgery be done on the legs in Shanghai? Legs are very important for every beauty-loving woman, because in summer, beauty-loving women always expose their legs, so if there is fat on the legs, it is Very unsightly. But for a pair of slender legs, not every woman can have it, so how to get rid of the fat on the legs is the concern of many beauty-loving women. Let Shanghai Time Medical Beauty Experts introduce you to the legs . Can I do liposuction on the legs in Shanghai? Leg liposuction can be divided into the following methods: 1. Ultrasound thigh liposuction - the thigh liposuction process is to selectively destroy fat cells, while the surrounding tissue is damaged. no damage. Postoperative recovery of patients was quicker. Only the liquid components in the adipose tissue are removed, while the cell membrane and interstitium are not damaged, so that the skin after healing is easier to flatten. 2. Syringe thigh liposuction - This method of thigh liposuction is a more classic method, and it is also a simple and easy surgical method. It uses the negative pressure inside the syringe cavity to suck the adipose tissue from the suction site out of the body . Due to the small diameter of the needle of the syringe, the suction speed is relatively slow and the suction volume is also small. But this thigh liposuction is relatively less traumatic. 3. Electric negative pressure liposuction - by forming one or several small incisions near the suction site, since the diameter of the suction head used is not very large, the thigh liposuction will generally not cause any damage to blood vessels and nerves. Obvious damage. Bleeding is also relatively small, even if thousands of milliliters of adipose tissue are sucked out, the amount of bleeding is only 20-30 milliliters. Because this method of thigh liposuction is less traumatic, it is generally okay to rest for 1-2 days after thigh liposuction, or even without rest. Unless there are many suction sites, there is generally no need to be hospitalized, and it is generally not necessary after thigh liposuction. Does not leave visible scars.

The above is the detailed introduction of Shanghai Time Medical Cosmetology experts on 'Can I do liposuction on the legs in Shanghai?' If you don't understand the content of the article well enough or have any questions, you can click here to consult our online experts online. The experts of Shanghai Time Liposuction Hospital make continuous efforts for your beauty. Shanghai Time welcomes you.

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