Precautions before arm liposuction

by:Dino     2022-03-14
The key to this surgical treatment of arm liposuction is to introduce appropriate swelling fluid on both sides of the arm to dissolve body fat and facilitate suction. Then use liposuction equipment to separate the liquefied adipose tissue in the arm, and then quickly reduce the unnecessary body fat on the arm.

Precautions before arm liposuction: 1. Subjects should not drink alcohol or smoke before surgery; 2. Subjects should stop aspirin and vitamins before surgery E and other vasodilators; 3. Check the physical health before surgery. Blood, liver routine examination, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, electrocardiogram examination; 4. Keep the body clean before surgery; 5. Before surgery, decide whether to fast before surgery according to the anesthesia method; 7. Preoperative patients Comprehensive and in-depth communication should be made with the doctor. The recipient should understand the size of the operation, the degree of pain in the steps, the speed of recovery, the possible effects, and the possible risks; the doctor should understand the patient's motivation for the operation and whether the expectations for the operation are realistic, etc. Nursing after arm liposuction: 1. Within 24 hours after the operation, there may be a large amount of exudate. A cotton pad can be placed on the outside of the dressing to prevent the exudate from getting the coat wet; if the dressing falls off or is completely soaked, it should be Change dressings and dressings in a timely manner. 2. Take a certain amount of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs orally as prescribed by the doctor. 3. Daily activities can be resumed 2-3 days after the operation. If there is local swelling, blood stasis, slight pain or skin itching, it is a normal phenomenon and no treatment is necessary; if the swelling is too obvious, you can come to the hospital for a follow-up consultation. 4. The dressing can be opened on the 2nd day after the operation, and the eye of the needle is disinfected with 75% medical alcohol. After the dressing is removed, you can take a bath the next day. Be careful to cover the eye of the needle with a waterproof sticker to avoid infection. 5. The daily office work can be resumed within 3-5 days after the operation. 6. In the short term after liposuction, there may be bruising, numbness, induration, and unevenness in the local area of u200bu200bthe operation, which are all within the normal range, and generally recover spontaneously within 3-6 months. 7. After the dressing is removed, you should continue to wear elastic underwear for at least 2-3 months to consolidate the effect of liposuction and shape a slender body. 8. Avoid spicy or other spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol. If you want to know more about arm liposuction Liposuction information: Will arm liposuction rebound? What is the process of arm liposuction?
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